XXL Panama Hats - $79.95+

Trouble finding a hat that actually fits? We haven't forgotten you. Our XXL Panama hats were fashioned especially for US hat sizes 7 7/8 - 8 1/4. We believe those with fine taste and appreciation for supple, lightweight Panama hats deserve one... no matter what their head size!

To finish a Panama hat properly, the straw hat body must be blocked on a metal mold. It's possible to stretch a large hat, but we have higher standards. We wanted an XXL Panama hat with the classic Panama hat proportions that would flatter our customers with XXL-sized heads. So our partners in Cuenca created a special mold for an XXL crown.

Needless to say, our XXL Panama hats are hand-woven of toquilla straw, as are all of our Panama hats. The value packed into these Panama hats is incredible; both the Panama Fedora and Safari styles have a remarkably fine weave for the price and an impeccable finish. Take a minute to zoom in on the images, and you'll realize that this is not your average straw hat. The quality of the XXL Panama hat in the photograph is consistent with all the hats in our collection; they all look that good!

We're proud of our dashing XXL Panama hats. And when your genuine XXL Panama hat fits as it's supposed to, we think you'll be proud, too. So go ahead, order one today. We stand behind these magnificent straw hats, and in the unlikely event that you don't love your purchase, we'll refund or exchange it — guaranteed.

XXL Panama Hats - $79.95+

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XXL Panama Hats - $79.95+

XXL Classic Safari Panama Hat

XXL Panama Hat Classic Snap Brim Fedora
Price: $94.95 ($94.95 incl. TAX)

Allow us to introduce our XXL Classic Safari Panama Hat. Don't be fooled by its traditional fedora style. This hat retains the classic fedora shape, but has been blocked especially and uniquely for size XXL.
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Hat Sizing

Panador Hat Size US Hat Size UK Hat Size France Hat Size
Small 6 ⅞ – 7 6 ¾ – 6 ⅞ 4 – 4 ½
Medium 7 ⅛ – 7 ¼ 7     – 7 ⅛ 5 – 5 ½
Large 7 ⅜ – 7 ½ 7 ¼ – 7 ⅜ 6 – 6 ½
Extra Large 7 ⅝ – 7 ¾ 7 ½ – 7 ⅝ 7 – 7 ½
XXL * 7 ⅞ – 8 ¼ 7 ¾ – 8 ⅛ 8 – 8 ½

(*) XXL available in select hats, only. See XXL Hats

Ultimate Panama Hat Sizing

Our two Ultimate Panama hats will fit all heads, but are more flexible in sizing thanks to their unique Coolmax inner headband. We offer three sizes in this collection: Small/Medium, Medium/Large, and Large/Extra Large.

Panador Hats Printable Measuring Tape

If you are unsure of your hat size, check out our handy Panama hat printable measuring tape that has been optimized for Panador Panama hats.

IMPORTANT: Before printing the Panador Hats measuring tape, please ensure scaling is turned off in your print settings.