Panador Panama Hats: Who We Are

Panador Panama Hat Company specializes in only the finest genuine hand-woven Panama hats. We're proud to have supported Ecuadorian artisans since 1998.

Panama Hat from The Panador Hat Company in the Fedora Style

We rely on quality straw grown in Ecuador as well as the unparalleled skill of Panama hat weavers in Cuenca. The result is the legendary, light and airy straw hat we can't help but associate with the good life: beach getaways, thoroughbred horse races, and great cigars.

Why are we called Panador, you ask? Panama hat + Ecuador = Pana-dor. Get it?

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Timeless Style

Teddy Roosevelt and his signature Panama hat

The Panama is more than a hat - it's an attitude. Panama hats cause a transformation that turns heads. And that's why they're still around after more than three hundred years: attitude never goes out of style.

Panama hats have become a fixture on red carpets around the globe. They're the trademark of cigar titans of Arturo Fuente fame. Winston Churchill thought them dignified enough for a Prime Minister, yet their swagger suited gangsters like Al Capone.

From mobsters to kings, and all the gents and rascals in between: really, for anyone who appreciates the finer things in life, there are Panama hats.

Cool, Light as Air

Most hats provide some amount of sun protection, but only one breathes like a Panama hat. Panamas are woven of lightweight toquilla straw; no other natural straw or manmade fiber breathes like toquilla. Period.

When you, with your own hands, feel the smooth and air-like quality of this exquisite hat, when it molds to your shape with time, sweat, wear, and travel; when it keeps you cool better than any other hat, you'll understand why the Panama is the world's most renowned summer hat.

Hand-woven Heritage

Ecuador: The birthplace of Panama hats

Panador hats come from Cuenca, Ecuador, a romantic colonial city crisscrossed by rivers and surrounded by hazy mountains. Cuencan craftspeople preserve the hat weaving tradition by passing it down from one generation to the next. Authentic Panama hats are hand-woven of toquilla straw fibers one by one, each hat an individual masterpiece.

To read more about the city that made Panama hats famous, check out our guide to Cuenca.

Our Commitment to Progress

Walt Pieper Receiving Award from Ecuador Economic Development Council We count our partnership with friends in Cuenca a privilege and a calling.

Cuenca has a rich cultural heritage not limited to its fine Panama hats. However, it is not a wealthy part of the world. That's why we are committed to fostering economic development in this region. Every hat we sell helps preserve a tradition of Cuencan craftsmanship.